1. Ciba Vision Corporation


"Understanding the lifestyle of the daily contact lens wearer." Provide deep insights to guide DTC advertising in a category with little differentiation


A custom-designed, hybrid approach to learning from the target. Our method emphasized consumer story-telling through small group focus conversations, video and audio diaries, and creative field exercises with consumers.


5 themes emerged and were crafted into advertising concepts. Concepts were tested in Global Ad Testing process. Winning concept ("Oh What A Feeling!") put into first US TV spot in this contact lens segment in a decade. Video and audio diaries also used to create richly detailed profiles of the Ciba Vision Daily Disposable Contact Lens wearer.

2. Leading CPG Company


"Getting inside the hearts, heads and minds of shoppers." We were asked to provide an up close and personal experience for the companyís most senior executives to help them understand challenges shoppers face and how themes of health & wellness, as well as value come into play in decision-making at retail.


Patricia Sunderland teamed with Laurie in this project to create a dynamic, multi-faceted process in which we coached the client team to act "as researchers;" we orchestrated multiple client and shopper teams venturing to several stores to observe and interview pre-screened shoppers, and then conducted a client team debrief to capture observations, insights and implications for client business and their retail partners.


Provided greater empathy for shoppers and a portfolio of ideas and implications to enhance clientsí relationships with retail partners. Approach became a "best practice" in company.

3. Snack Foods Company


"To develop a portfolio of new healthy confections product ideas."


We designed a series of "stealth" ethnographic (observational) exercises for client team members to do pre-session and then conducted a multi-day Innovation Session filled with a variety of multi-sensory activities. One exciting element was a "Kitchen Experiment" in which participants discovered new snack possibilities through assembling and tasting a wide range of likely and unlikely ingredients.


The team created 500 beginning ideas; two dozen of which were crafted into product concepts for quantitative research. The work is being pursued by the client team.

4. Storage Products Manufacturer


Rapid prototyping: how to get consumer feedback in a fast, efficient and creative way?


A series of mini groups with consumers was held in an unconventional settingóa B&B. Venue selected so that consumers could interact with a variety of product prototypes in different spaces that were more like home than a conventional focus group facility. Client team members directly viewed the interaction between consumers and prototypes. An industrial designer sketched consumersí feedback, options and improvements.


Faster, more insightful and less expensive than typical prototype research. Richer insights and more creative ideas to improve the prototypes. The work continues.



How to create a portfolio of consumer-compelling new product concepts to appeal to DIY segments interested in keeping up the appearance of their vehicles

Research &innovation

We conducted a series of "Concept Inspiration Groups" with consumers in various geographies. Innovative design for the groups incorporated "holistic thinking" and multi-sensory exercises. Outside Thought Leaders observed the groups and provided new perspectives.


Consumers provided a window into their love affairs with their vehicles. With their input, plus the clients and Thought Leadersí expertise, we created a wide range of exciting new product concepts.