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Zest book cover

Zest! Food that's fun to make & good for you is an ode to life, energy, vibrancy. It is written in a personal, conversational style as if the reader is sitting in Laurie's kitchen. More than a cookbook, Zest! offers guidance and tips about creating healthy, full-flavored, delicious meals while enjoying the process of meal preparation with eclectic and creative recipes for soups, salads, fish, chicken, and veggies.

Available in print and digital format from BookBaby, Amazon, or eBook.

Stir It Up!

Stir It Up book cover

First published in 2011, Stir it Up! is as relevant today as ever. Written in a fun, easy-to-use "cookbook" format, it is chock full of multi-sensory activities for market researchers, meeting facilitators, consultants and anyone looking for ways to stir up energy, insights and creative ideas whether working in person or on video.

Available from Paramount Books or on Amazon.