We specialize in innovation & qualitative research. Each is necessary to the health and vitality of organizations. The combination provides unique synergy and benefits. We listen deeply to our clients’ challenges and design the best way to get results that respect time, budget & resources.

We are known for…
  • Taking on tough challenges
  • Bringing a strategic and creative approach, even to short-term, "tactical" assignments
  • Being flexible, spontaneous, yet reflective, deep thinkers
  • Caring deeply about our clients and our relationships
  • Drawing out the best thinking in the assembled expertise— whether consumers or clients
  • Drawing upon a humongous network of talent

We love what we do, and it shows!


Our Qualitative Research gathers stories and delivers deep insights and results. Fresh approaches; characterized by intimate, high touch, interactions; clients are active partners in listening and observation. Examples:
  • Focus Conversations (What’s going on?)
  • Consumer Co-Creation Sessions, a hybrid of research and ideation ("What if?" "I Wish...")
  • Consumer Co-Development or Prototype/Protocept Development ("This would be more appealing/more functional if…")
"Mirror Smashing" (to collapse the experience and distance between clients and consumers) in different environments–homes, restaurants, B&Bs, stores, design/engineering labs, etc. when appropriate. The objectives: to get more visceral understanding and empathy. Examples:
  • "Kitchen Table Talk" (Show Me)
  • Shopper Immersions
  • Dine-Alongs
And making client teams feel more connected to "remote participants" when we’re doing IDIs, TDIs, On-line Bulletin Boards, On-Line Focus Groups. Video interviews and groups are a key way in which we keep "face-to-face" interactions robust even when remote.


Our Innovation initiatives include:
  • "Big Picture" Strategic Visioning Sessions, to visualize & step into the future, and create the Preferred Future
  • Innovation (Ideation) Sessions, in which insight, imagination & innovation are interwoven to generate & develop new products, services, positioning concepts, or other areas necessary for the vitality & growth of your business. This work is often part of the "fuzzy front end" of the product development process, and also at later stages to create tactics & action plans with commitment & alignment for implementation.
  • Zesty Cook Workshops
    We love to share our passion for creating delicious meals and offer a variety of in-person and video based workshops for groups.
And More…we also lead multi-sensory excursion food tours, offer skill-building workshops in creativity and innovation, and provide coaching for individuals and teams.